Week Without Walls



-This program is of compulsory participation. Students opting out from the WWW will be marked absent for the week. Given that no regular classes or supervision will be provided during that week, any non-registered students cannot be on campus during the WWW.


-All 6th grade-students will take part in a class trip to Dibba where Absolute Adventure will provide them with the skills and confidence needed for their future WWW trips. 6th grade-students may also opt for some local trips. 


-Most trips will have a service component that can be applied for AS and CAS across all grades.

Important Dates: 


Wednesday April 24: Online Signups open

Monday April 29: Online Signups close

May 2-7: Documents and Payments due

November 17-21: Week Without Walls 


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does signup work?

All parents will receive an email with a link to the second round of signups on Schools Buddy on September 2nd, upon selection, student lists can be formed on a "first come first served" basis. Please note that seniority privileges apply. Once all students have been allocated to a trip/option parents will be notified via email. This email will also contain the required forms and documents to be filled up and the payment procedures. 


Does my child need vaccinations?
You are advised to consult with your doctor regarding any possible vaccinations needed for travel, as well as to ensure that any immunizations are current.  Families need to make specific decisions regarding the medications they are comfortable taking.  PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR. With sincere apologies, GWA cannot organize and administer vaccinations for Week Without Walls on campus. 

When is payment due?
Payments will only be accepted once all documentation has been submitted to the Activities Office. Payment will be received in between
May 2-7 

What happens if my child can't go on a trip that has been paid for?
Each company (service providers) has a different refund policy. Even though all of these refund policies are comprehensive we encourage parents to read carefully before signing/paying for an option.  

Does my child require a Visa to travel and how do we get that Visa?
Because we have students from over 90 different nationalities with varying degrees of travel complexity, we ask that all families look into the necessary visa requirements for their excursion destination of choice.  PLEASE CONTACT YOUR EMBASSY.  The fees associated with Visa procurement are not covered by the trip fees.  Visas need to be acquired BEFORE travel, even if they are available at the airport upon arrival.  We cannot afford to have anything go wrong in the destination country that forces us to return and jeopardize the student-chaperone ratios.

What if my passport has expired or is expiring soon after travel?
PLEASE CHECK YOU PASSPORT EXPIRY DATE.  As a general travel policy, passports must be valid for 6 months AFTER the return travel date.  

Who will hold onto my child’s passport while on a trip outside of the U.A.E.?
Our teacher chaperons will keep all student passports safe during the week.

When will I know the finalized itinerary for my child's trip?
The posted trip itineraries on this site are very close approximates of what will take place.  The finalized itineraries will be posted in the final weeks leading up to departure, but are still subject to slight changes as situations in the host countries change.

When will I receive further information regarding my child's trip?
The information flow will be ongoing from now until departures in November.  Once the trip rosters are finalized, there will be a number of trip-specific documents that will be sent home and/or made available on this site.  There will also be specific trip meetings that will be held for all participants and parents leading up to departure dates.

Do I need to purchase medical insurance for my child?
The international trips all include medical insurance and have 24/7 ground support throughout the duration of the trip.  You are welcome to purchase your own in addition, but there is insurance built into the pricing already.  For local trips, your local health insurance will generally cover any unforeseen illness or accident, but again, you are welcome to purchase additional insurance as you see fit.

How long has GWA been hosting the Week Without Walls?
We are now entering our 10th year of the program, which has grown and developed significantly over the past few years.  We have options that can neatly extend and tie into learning objectives across the IB curriculum, many of which offer significant service learning opportunities for our students.

What kind of supervision do you provide?
All external or specialized trips like diving are run by trained and/or certified service providers who will be accompanied by at least one GWA teacher chaperone.  The student: adult ratio is generally 10:1, but may fluctuate up or down depending upon the specific situational needs of each trip.  Co-ed trips will have both male and female adult chaperones.